Ciao, I'm Melissa Payne (she/her)

Here's the story behind Storyscout

I’m a brand voice & quiz strategist…

…who believes in selling with intention, intelligence and integrity.

That’s a fancy way of saying I’m really good at three things:


Pulling apart what makes your brand voice uniquely yoursso you and your team can speak in one voice with confidence


Putting together creative quiz funnels that celebrate your unique fingerprint, the alchemy that connects you and your audience ← so you can earn kudos and clients, dinero and devotion


Crafting the strategy behind your brand voice and nurturing your leads in a respectful, human and empathic way

I’m a rare species of copywriter that blends science and creativity in equal parts, so the “creativity” is intelligent and intentional.

And that bit about attention to respect, humanity and empathy? Ethically conscious strategy is what creates integrity, and working with a strategist who holds these qualities as imperatives will ensure that you are truly seen for who you are.

In other words, in everything we do together, we do it for a reason.

My sweet spot is helping copywriters and introverted women in business like you succeed.


I’m a scientist.

I dissect, investigate and analyse every single nuanced aspect of your brand voice.

Everything from the way you write and speak to your tone of voice, the precise words you use, your distinct angle and point of view, to your grammar and content formatting, your punctuation and your emojis. 

I find all the powerful little nuances that make you distinctly you… and I uncover what makes you irresistible to your audience.


I’m also a detective.

I interview your people to uncover what they need to feel empowered in their consumer choices.

By eavesdropping on the conversations your audience is having (with others and inside their head), I map your prospects’ innermost chain of beliefs and needs.

This is the difference between being pushy in your sales versus attracting the right people to you.

I’m a matchmaker, too.

Who do you want to connect with most?

As a lead generation strategist, I craft strategic quizzes that help you grow your email list. And connection-focused emails that earn folks’ appreciation and trust, so you can build more meaningful and profitable relationships.


This is how we step into the belly of your business. And I know how to do this because, for nine years, I lived in the belly of the corporate beast

The Belly of the Beast


I lived and breathed copywriting in-house, for digital marketing and PR agencies. My life was a tumult of meetings, staring down massive data sheets, warring with blank pages and blinking cursors, while I summoned copy to the page.

There’s one indisputable benefit to all this time spent living in corporate hell:

If you camouflage appropriately, you can learn its more successful tactics, as well as its dirtiest secrets.

I obsessively honed my skills in copywriting and mastered persuasion and tech skills — things like quiz strategy, email strategy, voice-of-customer research and conversion optimisation.

The Belly of the World

Whenever we let go of the familiar, we inevitably find ourselves facing the wildness of the unknown.

In the ten months I spent living out of my backpack, I met families three generations deep, living on barren land in the pristine Arctic wilderness, making art and fighting to save a way of life that stretched back centuries. 

I met a government worker turned horticulturist. A scientist who measured the transformation of glaciers. A woman struggling to spread messages of peace after her family survived brutal civil war. People who had given up office cubicles to pursue more meaningful work and create art on the frontline of social and environmental change. 

These people nourished me.

By sharing in their private worlds, I learned an incontrovertible truth: 


If we want to make positive change, we cannot exist in the belly of the beast and the belly of the world simultaneously. We have to choose one. 

What does persuasion look like when it respects the individual?


We can’t continue with the old, tired way of doing business that glorifies profit at the expense of humans.

Not when there’s so much at stake — our peace of mind, our wellbeing, our planet, the people we cherish who need us to build a better, more equitable world.

So what can we do?

To start, we can use our personal agency as business owners to make better choices (I’m on a journey to do just that — and I’d love for you to join me).

And we can find success creating meaningful work that takes care of, helps and respects people.

Because one thing’s for certain: we don’t need to be another “smoke and mirrors” brand or marketer. Not when we can be an honest, transparent brand that stands for something

Let’s speak to our audience in a deeper, more curious and respectful way. Let’s listen and create relationships that honour individual self-determination. 

There’s no need to jump on the latest marketing trend when we can instead invest the time, energy and resources to build our businesses the right way — by nurturing genuine connections with our audience.

Because there’s no such thing as “ethical marketing.” There’s either marketing or there’s deceiving

I know which one I’m choosing. And I want you to come with me. 

Some relevant educational and professional details, just in case you’re interested:

Master of Business (Integrated Marketing Communication) – Queensland University of Technology

Postgraduate Diploma (Digital Marketing) – Digital Marketing Institute

Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) – Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing) – Queensland University of Technology

Melissa Payne's quiz certification badge from Chanti Zak

“Working with Melissa is nothing like working with a typical copywriter — in the best way!

The depth of her research, the thoroughness of her strategy and the authenticity of her copy was like nothing I’ve experienced before. And I say this as a copywriter who’s worked with numerous copywriters before.

Her entire process moved seamlessly because it was designed to be effortless for me. You’ll end the project looking for more work you can hire her for.

Bree Weber, Conversion Copywriter

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