How Brand Voice Guidelines Help Bree Weber Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand Voice Case Study

“Melissa’s brand voice guide is like an SOP for my brand’s personality. It shows how my brand is meant to be expressed to the rest of the world, so my brand’s voice is consistent no matter who’s writing the content.

When I’m looking to develop new messaging or step outside my comfort zone, Melissa’s brand voice guide is an anchor. So when I explore new terrain, I can bring my foundation with me.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

How Brand Voice Cartography helps Bree Weber maintain a consistent brand voice

Increased confidence in replicating her brand voice

Gained insights into her brand’s voice and values

Increased accuracy of her voice across created content


Bree Weber is an ethical cold pitch strategistand conversion copywriter. She lives and breathes to help freelancers and service providers book more wish list clients by helping them to establish ethical, sustainable cold pitch sales systems. She also provides VIP days for businesses and clients to help them build a more sustainable sales process.

Bree sounds awesome, right? And that she is. However, there was a time when she was experiencing some challenges in her businesss, and was in need of someone to throw her a lifebuoy and drag her through to the other side of those bothersome… bothers:


  • Developing and maintaining a consistent brand voice
  • Needing documentation to share with contractors working in her business so they understand her brand


  • Hiring me to create a detailed brand voice guide


  • A detailed, sharable document that captures her brand voice
  • Fewer revisions when she or others are creating content for her business
  • Increased understanding of her brand and values

“The brand voice guide is so beautiful. It moves from this big picture view and gets more granular and detailed as it goes.

It’s also well organized and structured. The format makes it easy to find something specific. But it also reads really well, and I loved reading it in one session.”

Bree Weber, Ethical cold pitch strategist and conversion copywriter

Intrigued? Well, let’s dive deeper into the ocean of obstacles that were holding Bree back…


Developing a consistent brand voice with documentation so she can replicate and communicate her voice.

Bree realized that her brand voice had been shifting.

As a result, some inconsistencies had cropped up across her content despite creating it herself.

“I wanted to develop a consistent voice across everything for my business and to understand the anatomy of my voice and how to break it down.

Plus, I wanted to systematize the internal processes in my brain, so they’re on paper. Then, I can hand the processes off to someone else or revisit and refresh them as my business evolves.

I wanted to spend more of my time and brainpower thinking about my clients ’ brand voice and messaging , so I could truly capture the brand ’s voice, tone, vocabulary, and cadence before writing the sales page.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

Bree also wanted a way to communicate her voice to future professionals she hired to create content or strategy for her business.

“I wanted documentation that shows what my brand voice should sound like. So someone helping me with my brand’s copy could read the guide and give me beautiful copy that’s perfectly on brand.

I also wanted to build my business so less hinges on me.

So if I bring in a writer or a strategist, I’ll have a resource that helps them really understand my brand, its origin story, my mission, and where it’s going in the future.

I feel like voice is a big part of that.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter


Brand Voice Cartography — a detailed analysis of your brand’s voice so you can confidently and consistently show up as you.

At first, Bree tried creating a brand voice guide herself.

“I used several different resources to help me do it on my own. But I found it challenging to evaluate my writing objectively and discern differences in my voice.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

So she hired me to write a brand voice guide for her.

“I’m glad I didn’t depend on the resources I’d first found to create my guide. Because the depth to which Melissa explores brand voice is incredible. It’s just incomparable.

Melissa’s brand voice guide provided a really detailed, in-depth breakdown of my voice. For instance, she’d show a specific piece of my brand’s voice and explain: here’s what that means, here’s what it’s doing, and here’s an example.

There was no fluff or regurgitated information repeated over and over.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

Bree enjoyed the process of working with me – and the feeling was definitely mutual.

“I’ve hired maybe a dozen freelancers for my business. Melissa was by far the easiest person to work with.

Her onboarding is incredible – the whole process is seamless. She laid out the timeline, set expectations, made it clear what I needed to do, and how it would feel when I did it.

Plus, she was consistently available and communicative about the process and what she was working on.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

Bree found that sharing her thoughts about her brand and voice helped her gain clarity. It let her see her brand from another person’s perspective.

“I loved that she could take our conversations and what I was thinking, process it, and then reflect it back to me.

I could tell that she was deeply listening to what I was sharing. Not just for me to be heard, but also so it could become part of my brand voice guide.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter


Bree now has a detailed analysis of her brand’s voice to refer to or share with freelancers working in her business.

Bree was amazed at how well the guide captured her voice and vision for her business…

“When I read my brand voice guide for the first time, it was so exciting because it reflected me so accurately. I was like, Oh my God, it’s me! I felt so validated – like I had been deeply heard, understood, and seen.

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

… and gasped at how in-depth and detailed it was.

“Initially I was expecting a style guide. But the information Melissa provided was so detailed and informative.

For example, she went deep into my vocabulary, highlighting words or phrases that I use, the context I use them in, specific emojis, and how I use my punctuation. She also highlighted how the meaning could differ depending on the context.

I was super surprised at how well she broke down the differences in my voice depending on the platform – my speaking versus on a sales page versus my emails or social media.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

Bree has found multiple uses for her brand voice guide.

“Having the guide so clearly laid out for me has made it easier to define my vision for my company and what I’m trying to build.

The section on how to use the guide prompted me to think of using it as an SOP when I onboard new team members or freelancers.”

The brand voice guide also helped Bree:

  • Have an anchor to ensure her content, offers, and messaging are consistent with her brand voice
  • Actively incorporate her values into the programmes and offers that she creates
  • See her brand from her audience’s viewpoint
  • Create a streamlined onboarding process to help people working on her business understand her vision and voice
  • Reduce revisions when creating content for her business
  • Show up as ‘Bree’ in all her unique glory

Bree is tickled pink to have this reusable resource for her business and be able to share it with team members.

“I showed the guide Melissa created to my team member. She’d seen my earlier attempts at making my own brand voice guide.

After she read the new guide, she was like, ‘I don’t think I have any more questions to ask you about your real voice ever again.’

I was like, I know. I don’t either.”

Bree Weber, Ethical Cold Pitch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

Want a detailed analysis of your brand’s voice so you (and others) can confidently and consistently show up as you?

My Lamp Framework helps illuminate all the little, buried facets of your brand voice that you didn’t know where there, so you can your team can write with confidence.

ATLAS Framework process for voice-of-customer audience research

“Receiving the brand voice guide was a lovely, beautiful experience. Melissa’s work is so incredibly detailed and thorough.

Her whole process made it feel like I honestly didn’t have to do anything.

She’s one of the best freelancers that I’ve worked with.”

Bree Weber, Ethical cold pitch strategist and conversion copywriter

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