Secret Sanctuary

Audits, done for you in a day

Lightning-fast marketing audits that’ll uncover exactly what you need to fix to bring in more sales

“Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but I used a template to write my sales page. But um, it’s all guesswork and I have no idea if it will convert. So far: no bites.”

“I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to procrastinating on fixing this email copy. I’d love to snuggle up with a cup of tea and do literally anything else. Can you do it for me instead… in less than a day?”

“My quiz ain’t working like I hoped. Any chance you can work your magic to lift this lead magnet from so-so to super effective?”

“To say I’m embarrassed about my [website / emails / sales page] is an understatement. Can you help me optimise it for conversions…in my brand voice?”

Do you want to put your feet up while I optimise your copy?

You need Secret Sanctuary™.

Hi, I’m Melissa Payne.

Secret Sanctuary ™ is a serene, hand-crafted marketing audit experience, designed to make selling easy.

While you relax, I’ll review your quiz, email sequence, website, or sales page to:

  • Unbury the ‘hook’ that will connect with your customer
  • Make recommendations to optimise for conversions
  • Bolster your calls to action so that people can’t resist clicking through
  • Refine your messaging hierarchy (so you can be sure you’re leading with the right persuasive messages)
  • Analyse your brand voice for consistency
  • Eliminate jargon, confusion and long-windedness
  • Make suggestions to improve the user experience (with feedback on design)
  • Anything else that needs fine-tuning

With more than 10 years’ experience and 157+ hours of professional training, I know exactly what to look for in your marketing suite to create a superpowered audit.

So you can focus on what you love doing and sell with confidence.

Now you can enjoy a luxurious, elevated experience and feel confident that your copy is optimised for conversions and ready to go out into the world.


Melissa Payne's quiz certification badge from Chanti Zak

A deeper look into the audit process

Here’s how we’ll honour your rest through our Secret Sanctuary™ Audit.


The Calm Framework™

Let’s explore the steps we’ll take to craft your relaxing audit experience.

Step 1

Conscientious preparation

Apply for Secret Sanctuary. I’ll ask you questions and start to gather the intel from you that I need to do my best work. If you’re successful, you’ll get booked into my calendar.

Step 2

Analysis & strategy

Huzzah! Your Secret Sanctuary Day has arrived. I’ll get to work analysing your copy and making strategic recommendations to optimise your quiz, sales page, website or email sequence.

Step 3

Let go & relax

Time to relax while I do all the work! You’ll receive thoughtful feedback and audit suggestions for your copy within two weeks with a Loom video walkthrough to explain the strategic choices.

Step 4

Mind at ease

We’ll jump on a 30-minute Bonfire Chat to discuss the audit results, my recommendations, and answer your questions. You’re now ready to sell your offer with confidence!

What do I tackle in a marketing audit?

The choice is yours.

secret sanctuary™

Marketing Audit

Perfect for people who want conversion-optimised copy, pronto.

Here’s what you’ll get within two weeks:

Any ONE of the following:

  • Quiz Audit
  • Sales Page Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Email Sequence Audit

The Audit includes:

  • Audience research / message mining – because we need audience data to make strategic, informed decisions
  • Comprehensive video review of your quiz, sales page, website or email sequence
  • A Google Doc with copy recommendations and edits
  • Key sections (such as headlines, calls to action buttons, and body copy) rewritten
  • Recommendations for your quiz, sales page, website or email visuals

Pairs nicely with Brand Voice Cartography.

Excited to dive in?

Secret Sanctuary™ is by application only to make sure we’re the perfect fit.

I love working with kindred spirits — copywriters and introverted business women who care about selling with integrity.

Only four spots for Secret Sanctuary are available each month. Please book your Marketing Audit at least 2 weeks in advance.

Start the process (with a tiny form).

Fishing for answers to your Qs?

Can I pay in installments?

Sure can! My only ask is that all of the installments are paid before our time together.