Brand voice strategy

That captures your brand voice perfectly

Do you know your unique brand voice signature?


Bringing the right words (or strategy) to light
isn’t about grabbing your thesaurus


  • Finding a copywriter who can perfectly mimic your brand voice (and thoroughly document it so you’re never at a loss for what to say or how to say it)
  • Feeling cast-iron confidence in your brand strategy, positioning and voice, with everything you need for copywriters to write your voice with perfect pitch
  • Having a brand that fits snugly with who you are and how you want to show up

“When I’m looking to develop new messaging or step outside my comfort zone, Melissa’s brand voice guide is an anchor. So when I explore new terrain, I can bring my foundation with me.

Here’s how Brand Voice Cartography has given conversion copywriter and ethical cold pitch strategist Bree Weber confidence in her messaging, positioning and offer creation, with a resource she can hand off to anyone on her team to get perfect, on-brand copy.

Because if you don’t know your brand voice, strategy and positioning…

…there’s a temptation to wing it.

Which can lead to a confused brand identity and almost definitely erode your audience’s trust.


You’ll end up ‘borrowing’ other people’s voices, mimicking others in your industry.

Instead of owning what’s uniquely yours.

I’m here to help you step into your brand strategy and voice with confidence and consistency.

“Melissa is the exact blend of nerd you want working on your brand voice.

Her process combines math, art, science, and deep, deep research – and she packages it into a guide that’s easy to implement. Top it off with the user-friendly design she created, and it’s a damn near perfect tool for any business.

I’m really impressed by her work.

— Justin Blackman, Brand Voice Expert

Meet your brand strategist

Hi, I’m Melissa Payne.

Every brand has a unique voice signature.

An invisible trace of identity — your personality, the beliefs, values and experiences that make you you.

Most people think of voice as a list of vague adjectives. Something that can’t really be pinned down.

But it is measurable.

As a brand strategist, I create super practical brand voice guides packed with brand strategy and brimming over with personality, that help you communicate your message, positioning and values with a clear and consistent voice.

YOUR personality.


So that you can own your unique voice and build your audience’s trust, no matter who’s writing for you.

A deeper inside look into mapping your brand

Here’s how we’ll craft your brand guide.

A good copywriter (and a savvy business owner) knows that an inconsistent messaging erodes trust in your brand.

To connect deeply with your audience, you need a strong, consistent brand strategy and voice.

My signature LAMP process helps illuminate all the little, buried facets of your brand voice that you didn’t know were there, so you and your team can write with confidence.


The Lamp Framework™


Let’s explore the steps we’ll take to craft your brand voice guide.

Step 1


I’ll send you a questionnaire, interview you one-on-one and ask thoughtful questions to gain insight into your brand values and the natural rhythm of your speech.

Step 2


I’ll gather as much intel (and as many samples) of your brand voice as I can.

While you sit back and relax, I’ll thoroughly investigate and audit your brand voice across every channel.

Step 3

Mapping your values and voice

I’ll craft a timeless voice guide that decodes and distils the essential qualities and unique nuances of your brand’s voice, allowing writers to mimic your style and craft flawless content every time.

I’ll also share tools you can use to analyse every piece of copy your team writes, so you can feel 100% confident your brand voice is always on-point.

Step 4

Perfect pitch

I’ll present your Brand Voice Map to you via Loom.

I’ll share how to create a powerfully “you”, consistent voice across all touchpoints and make onboarding new copywriters effortless.

From now on, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it to create impact.

Yes, this is for you if…


You find yourself thinking…

“We desperately need to breathe some magic into our stale-cracker brand voice.”

“Help! Our content writers keep getting our brand voice wrong.”

“WANTED: A simple cure for those ‘is this on-brand?’ dilemmas.”

“Umm, is there a way to make our brand voice instantly connect with our audience?”


  • You want to unearth a treasure trove of insights not just about your brand voice, but about your brand identity and unique value proposition
  • You want future copywriters you hire to be able to pick up and run with your brand voice without hesitation
  • You want to focus on the business you love instead of wasting hours editing copy (because your content writer hasn’t quite got it right…)
  • You know that having a brand voice guide up your sleeve is the very best way to create a consistent, trustworthy brand voice, no matter how many content writers join your team

Got a fire in your belly?
Here are two ways we can map your brand strategy and voice.

brand voice cartography

Classic Brand Map

The Full Brand Strategy & Voice Guide.

Perfect for established experts and values-driven businesses who want a detailed Brand Guide that distills your positioning and scientifically breaks down and documents your voice.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 3-Hour Brand Clarity Workshop
  • Classic Brand Map
    • Brand Strategy
      • Brand Vision and Purpose
      • Brand Values
      • Brand Offerings
      • Bio & Media Kit
    • Brand Positioning
      • Ideal Clients & Client Personas
      • Brand Differentiators & Secret Sauce
      • Signature Framework Creation*
      • Competitor Analysis & Aligned Brands
      • Brand Promise
      • Elevator Pitch
      • Taglines
    • Deep Voice Analysis
      • Brand Personality & Voice Type
      • Voice Overview
      • Brand Voice Pillars
      • Vocabulary Analysis
      • Language Analysis
      • Brand Buzzwords
      • Tone Analysis
      • Tone Breakdown by Channel
      • Cadence Analysis
      • Style Choices
      • Essential Content
      • Copy Submission & Review Process
      • Voice Tools & Resources To Analyse Your Brand Voice
    • Custom Video Walkthrough

*I can distil what makes your business unique and your process into a framework that illustrates your value to your audience to build trust and authority.

Timeline: 1 week

Pairs nicely with Obsession Oracle.

brand voice sketch

Brand Voice Map VIP Day

A Light Brand Voice Guide, delivered to you lightning-fast in just 7 hours.

Perfect for solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses with occasional freelance writers.

Here’s what’s included:

  • VIP Experience Brand Voice Map (Light Voice Analysis)
    • Brand Personality & Voice Type
    • Brand Voice Pillars
    • Voice Overview
    • Vocabulary Analysis
    • Brand Buzzwords
    • Tone Analysis
    • Cadence Analysis
    • Style Choices
    • Essential Content
    • Voice Tools & Resources To Analyse Your Brand Voice
    • Custom Video Walkthrough

Timeline: 1 day

Pairs nicely with Obsession Oracle.

Ready to map your brand voice?

Brand voice packages are by application only to make sure we’re the perfect fit.

I love working with kindred spirits who are passionate yet humble, and ready to partner with me to level up their business.

Only four spots for a Brand Cartography package are available each month.

Start the process (with a tiny form).


Questions, quandaries, croissants?


What can a brand voice guide do for me?

A Brand Map gives you a remarkably powerful resource — one you can use every day to painlessly write your marketing content and make your marketing more memorable and stand out.

I’m committed to co-empowerment, which means I want to do my best to give you the insights and tools your team needs to write for you efficiently.

Can you guarantee a full Brand Voice Map by the end of the VIP Day?

Pretty much yes (because I’ve perfected my process). But also, no, not really.

Because Secret Sanctuary is a time-based deliverable, I unfortunately can’t guarantee that at the end of the day, you’ll receive every.single.element in the VIP Experience Brand Voice Map (especially if you have a lot of marketing channels that need auditing and documenting).

Having said that, it’s extremely likely that you’ll have a Brand Map that includes your major priorities in your inbox by the end of the day. I work fast and thorough. 💪

Even if I don’t manage to fully complete your Brand Map within our 1 day VIP Experience, you’ll get ALLLLL of my notes and a pretty stylish pocket-size brand voice guide, completed to 98%.

And I’ll leave you with a set of clear Loom instructions on how to polish up the last bits and bobs so your Brand Voice Map is ready to go.

PS: It’s super important that you send through any visual branding elements (think your brand colours and fonts) before our VIP experience.

Can I choose which brand voice elements I want my Brand Map to include?


During our Strategy & Story Call (at least one week before our project), you’ll get a chance to decide which brand voice elements you definitely want included in your Brand Voice Map.

Maybe you have niggling questions about the traits of your brand voice. Or you’d like me to audit your voice across your marketing channels to find gaps where your vocabulary, tone or cadence aren’t consistent. I can prioritise these questions in my investigation.

Why do you include a branding workshop with your Brand Voice Cartography package?

My brand voice guide is equal parts brand strategy and voice. If you can’t answer convincingly what your unique value proposition is and why customers should choose your service or course over others, I hate to break it to you but your business has a huge, uncomfortable problem.

Many business owners and experts stumble about their core value proposition without ever pinning this elusive but essential detail down.

It’s the difference between “telling your authentic story” (yawn) and sharing the wisdom of your story (yes!)

How do we achieve this? Well, it starts with combing through all the compelling, little details about your offer to find one, pure “aha” magic idea — and making damn sure the actions you take to provide value are tangible, defined, impactful, and transparently communicated to your audience.

All that to say: Before I hand over your Brand Voice Map, we need clarity to understand the substance behind your brand.

Our world needs more clarity and substance. Let’s start here, with your brand and brand voice.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. And with no sneaky interest added for accessing a payment plan.

You can read more about why and how I offer payment plans in the FAQs of my Process page.

Ready to embark on your brand voice adventure?