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Do you want an irresistible lead gen magnet
that creates curiosity,
connection and conversation?


  • Your email list and sales funnel swelling with your dream clients
  • Having a compelling, shareable, interactive lead magnet that, instead of collecting digital dust, engages, entertains AND builds your brand influence
  • Having a creative, perfectly on-brand lead gen quiz that delivers beautifully segmented, highly engaged email subscribers to you on autopilot
  • Your audience adoring your quiz (and giving all the kudos to your brand)
  • Sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a boost in engagement and sales thanks to powerful email sequences that lovingly tend to and nurture your new subscribers

I was so wowed. Melissa is so creative. She helped me create this incredible game plan personalised to me. So I can incorporate the quiz into my marketing and outreach to help me grow my business.”

Here’s the story of how Melissa created a fun and compelling lead magnet style quiz for personal stylist JenniLee that gained the attention of her ideal audience, increased leads, and created a foundation in her marketing.

Because to deepen connections and lift conversions…

You need to deliver the kind of tantalising, emotionally satisfying insights that’ll make your audience crave a deeper relationship with you.

Enchanting your audience with quiz results that feel profoundly accurate and questions that surprise and charm at every turn is only the first step.

From there, you need a strategy to nurture your growing community.

I’m here to help you create a lead gen quiz funnel that makes adoring your brand irresistible.

“Melissa is SUCH a gifted storyteller.

Pair that talent with her deep knowledge of conversion copy based on solid research and you have yourself a creature as mythical as a mermaid. Her quizzes are psychology driven, well thought out, and demonstrate a strong level of empathy for whatever audience she’s writing for.

I highly recommend working with Melissa on your next project if you’re looking for quiz copy or support from someone who eats the status quo for breakfast and prioritizes research, results, and impeccable quality.

— Chanti Zak, Quiz Expert

Meet your lead gen quiz strategist

Hi, I’m Melissa Payne.

I’m a conversion copywriter and creator of irresistible quizzes and emails for transformation experts, course creators and coaches.

I create quiz funnels and emails that pique your audiences’ curiosity and spark an intense desire to know you better — earning you kudos and clients, dinero and devotion.

If you create it right, a lead gen quiz can capture attention and nurture audience loyalty in ways your typical boring lead magnet, collecting dust in some forgotten corner of your website, can only dream of.


Let’s conspire to create a lead gen quiz that makes your dream clients want to cozy up with your brand and call it home.


Melissa Payne's quiz certification badge from Chanti Zak

A sneak peek into the lead gen quiz creation process

Here’s how we’ll perfect a quiz that hooks your dream clients.

The most irresistible quizzes — the quizzes that get shared most and convert best — are imaginative and grounded in bold, incisive insights into your audience and brand.

In other words, your lead gen quiz funnel needs a thoughtful strategy behind it.


The Quest Framework

QUEST Framework for quiz funnel creation by Storyscout Digital

Here’s the sequence of steps we’ll take as we venture forward together to craft your irresistible quiz.

Step one


We’ll decide on the best quiz strategy to match your lead generation needs. And we’ll sketch out your brand voice to make sure your new quiz is 100% in harmony with the rest of your brand.

Step two


I’ll dive into voice-of-customer research to extract and distill the desires of your dream audience. I’ll brainstorm creative, compelling ideas for your quiz.

Step three


I’ll map out the lead gen quiz outcomes, craft 10 compelling questions and unearth insights to transform the quiz results into a revelatory, intoxicating experience that’ll hook your audience.

Step four

Surprise & substance

Now it’s time to set up your quiz in Interact, an online tool that makes quiz creation a snap. We’ll brainstorm creative ideas to take your quiz results to the next level and surprise your quiz-takers (that is, future forever fans) with extra value.

Step five


I’ll craft an email sequence strategy to welcome each of your new subscribers into your community. We’ll create a plan to promote your lead gen quiz so you can build a community of eager-to-hear-from-you subscribers.

Yes, this is for you if…

You find yourself thinking…

“Marketing my business feels icky and draggy. What I really want is for it to feel effortless and fun. ”

“We’re tired of using the same old lead gen tactics. We want something interactive, fun, shareable and unique.”

“We want to be found (and loved) online. One anti-invisibility cloak, please.”

“WANTED: An evergreen pipeline of qualified leads.”

“Help! We’re drowning in low quality email subscribers who don’t read or engage with our emails. How do we build meaningful connections and conversations with people who are actually excited to hear from us?”


  • You want freedom, increased revenue and growth where it matters most.
  • You want a powerful, creative and unique lead gen quiz that swells your sales funnel with enthusiastic, ready-to-buy prospects.
  • You want a quiz that inspires your dream clients to share your quiz like crazy.
  • You want to segment your list in a way that feels natural and easy at the very top of your funnel.
  • You want to send targeted email campaigns, knowing you’ll have a rapt, well-segmented audience hanging on your every word.
  • You want to level up your business like never before so you can turn your focus to creating new offerings, amping up your impact and helping more people.

Make adoring your brand irresistible with a quiz

obsession oracle

Classic Quiz Funnel

The Full Done-For-You Quiz Funnel.

Imagine your quiz completely done for you, bringing you warm leads, establishing your expertise while you are making power moves in your industry.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Audience Atlas (Research)
    • 5 x Client Interviews
    • Message Mining
    • 1 x Custom Survey To Validate the Quiz Concept With Your Audience
  • 1 x Custom Quiz
    • 7-10 Questions
    • Landing Page Copy for 3-4 Unique, Detailed Results
    • Full Technical Quiz Setup and Integration with Interact and Your Email Platform
  • Email Strategy
    • Welcome Email Sequence Strategy
    • Creation of 1 x Welcome Email for Each Quiz Result
    • Welcome Email Sequence Copy* (Optional at Extra Cost)
  • Quiz Promotion Strategy
    • Quiz Promotion Checklist
    • ‘Dream 100’ Brainstorming Session to Give You 100 Ideas for Places to Promote Your Quiz
    • 8 x Social Media Posts To Promote Your Quiz
  • Post-Quiz Optimisation Audit (2 Months After Quiz Launch)

Timeline: 4 weeks

Pairs nicely with Brand Voice Cartography.

obsession oracle

Collaborative Quiz Crafting Experience

A VIP Week where we create your quiz funnel from start to finish.

Perfect for the confident writer who wants strategic support DIYing an awesome quiz.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Collaborative Quiz Crafting Experience
    • Your Quiz Strategy
    • Quiz Topic, Title and Positioning
    • Planning Your Quiz Results + Creative Ideas To Enhance Them
    • First Draft for Your Quiz Questions
    • Outline of Your Quiz Results
    • Mapping Your Welcome Email Strategy
  • Guidance on Technical Quiz Setup
  • 1 x Post-VIP Day Loom Video Exchange

*Before you invest in a Collaborative Quiz Crafting Experience, I’ll need you to take this super meta quiz to identify the right quiz strategy for you.

Timeline: 1 week

Pairs nicely with Brand Voice Cartography.

Eager to get started with your quiz?

Quiz funnel packages are by application only to make sure we’re the perfect fit.

I adore working with genuine, kind people who value my expertise and are passionate about creating a positive impact through their business.

If that sounds like you, step right up! I’m here to help people like you make a greater impact.

Only two spots for an Obsession Oracle Quiz are available each month.

Break open the chamomile tea — let’s pour some answers to your questions

What makes quizzes such effective lead gen magnets?

Quizzes are like a miraculous meet-cute. You know that feeling when you first meet somebody and you instantly click? Sparks fly, and you feel at home immediately. It’s the thrill of feeling truly understood.

A quiz can build the attraction and infatuation between you and your audience like no other lead magnet.

Most lead magnets are passive, shy things. But quizzes are interactive, full of verve, and capture people’s attention (and imagination). People love sharing quiz results on social media (it gives them a window into who they are and reinforces their social identity), often comparing the results with friends. The intrinsic shareability of quiz results can amplify brand awareness, making it a natural hero in helping you reach a wider audience without much effort.

All the above makes quizzes one of the best lead magnets for businesses that want to connect with their audience in a more intentional, engaging way, design a robust lead generation funnel that works on autopilot and create a greater impact without losing sanity or sleep.

What types of quizzes do you offer?

I specialise in crafting signature (evergreen) lead gen quizzes and ecommerce quizzes.

What are the benefits of the Collaborative Quiz Crafting Experience?

Imagine workshopping and strategising your quiz lead magnet idea with a quiz expert for a whole day. Sounds dreamy, right?

This is the fast-track to creating a quiz you love.

During our VIP Day together, we’ll nourish your quiz idea together and map out most, if not all of your quiz funnel.

And after this experience, you’ll find it much easier to:

  • Connect with your prospects in a fun and intentional way
  • Attract leads on autopilot — with a high consent list-building tactic that respects and honours your audience’s needs
  • Grow an email list of people excited to work with you
  • Qualify your leads before you even jump on a discovery call together — so by the time they book a call with you, they’re eager and committed to working with you

Another cheeky side-effect? You’ll build know, like and trust in your brand.

Will I have a complete quiz by the end of our Collaborative Quiz Crafting Experience?

My number one focus during our Quiz VIP Day is to set you up with a strong strategic foundation for your quiz so you can confidently DIY the rest.

While I can’t promise we’ll completely finish a whole quiz together in 5 hours, I can promise you’ll get:

  • A solid quiz strategy + creative direction for your quiz
  • A polished first draft for your quiz questions
  • The structure for your quiz results pages mapped out with all strategic pieces in place (all you need to do is fill in the gaps!)
  • A ton of creative ideas to enrich your quiz results, make your quiz pop and grab attention
  • Possibly a welcome email sequence strategy mapped out
  • Plus clear instructions on how to finish up your quiz yourself

    You can send one follow-up Loom video anytime in the 2 weeks following our VIP Day and get a custom Loom video from me in return. This is super helpful for answering any questions that pop up in the implementation phase after our VIP Day.

What do I need to have prepped before our Collaborative Quiz Crafting Experience?

To do your quiz and the Quiz VIP Day justice, you’ll definitely need to be concrete on:

  • What your offers are
  • Your niche and how you want to position yourself
  • What your brand voice sounds like
  • Your brand values
  • Your audience’s psychology. You’ll need to have fresh, up-to-date VOC (voice-of-customer) insights into your audience’s needs, desires, values, fears, goals, etc.

How do I know if a quiz funnel is the right lead gen magnet for my business?

A quiz is right for you if:

  • You already have an offer that converts (i.e. there’s demand for it).
  • You know your audience (and the different segments of your audience) really well.
  • You have a large or diverse audience (the perfect reason to invest in segmentation at the top of your funnel!)
  • You’ve got a clear and consistent brand voice — you know how to talk to your audience.
  • You’re clear on the goals for your quiz and what you want to accomplish.
  • You see value in bringing in an expert to partner with you.
  • You have a team that can help you with all the moving pieces of launching emails and ad campaigns for your quiz funnel.
  • You’re committed to following through, launching and promoting your quiz and following my guidance to get the best results.
  • You’re a business that uses Instagram or Facebook ads to drive traffic to a webinar funnel or to get people to book a call.

How do quizzes help me sell?

Quizzes can directly impact your sales by reducing the friction and analysis-paralysis involved in making a buying decision. For ecommerce companies, quizzes are genius for helping your audience find their perfect product while also delighting them with a new insight into themselves.

How can a quiz help me attract more leads to my webinar?

Since quizzes tend to boast insanely high click-through rates, they are perfect for businesses that use Facebook ads to drive traffic to a webinar funnel or get people to book a call.

To use your quiz to attract webinar sign ups, simply invite your audience to join your (relevant!) webinar at the end of the quiz.

How do quizzes help me segment my leads?

No one likes to feel like they’re just another lead on a marketing list. And chances are, you don’t want your leads to feel that way, either.

Intelligently designed quiz questions will automatically help you segment new leads so you can communicate with greater clarity and empathy — all without needing to do any extra work.

If you choose an Obsession Oracle package, I’ll create welcome-email sequences designed to nurture each lead, based on the insights we’ve collected from the person’s self-identified answers.

You can even match up your quiz results with your audience personas if you have them. Segmenting your audience in this way gives you instant clues into which products or services will be the best fit for that person.

Our goal is to build relationships in a natural way and open up the communication lines so your audience feels genuinely cared for.

How can a quiz help me understand my audience better?

Consider your new quiz your detective best friend.

If you structure your questions intelligently, you’ll get lots of insights to inform your understanding of your audience, your future content creation, your new offers, products, courses, whatever it is you offer.

Each question in your quiz is strategic and serves a deliberate purpose — sometimes two purposes! “Understanding amplifier questions”, for example, help shed light on what your audience is struggling with, what they’re most interested in or what the majority of your pocket-of-people want. 

To understand your audience better, all you need to do is take a peek at your question analytics to see how they’re answering your questions.

One other thing: Quizzes can enhance your business at all the different stages of your funnel. For example, you can use a quiz to discover whether someone is a good fit for your program, to find out what they thought about working with you or buying from you, or even what kind of services they need.

Tell me more about the psychology behind quizzes.

Oh boy, where should I start? The allure of a well-crafted quiz is that it helps us solve a need or desire (often a strong inner desire to understand ourselves), and by design, makes us feel special.

As humans, we like to organise events into tidy stories and biographies, and quizzes give credence to our image of ourselves as heroes of our own story. In this way, quizzes quench our irresistible thirst for self-discovery.

There’s another layer to this: Unlike passive types of content, online quizzes give people the freedom to express themselves — to make their own choices. Quizzes help us feel confident in who we are and justified in our characteristics. They help reinforce our social identity and make us feel we have a hand in controlling how our hero’s journey unfolds. In short, quizzes give us a combined sense of agency, comfort and momentum.

Need proof that the psychology behind quizzes works? Personality quizzes rank among the top performing content on Buzzfeed and the New York Times. Interactive content is proven to generate twice the number of conversions as passive content. For decades, magazines have included quizzes on their covers to entice people to buy.

Why is the research so important for quizzes?

This research for your quiz will literally transform the way you do business, providing you with clear-cut insights into the psychology of your customers. 

You’ll come to understand the deeper desires and beliefs driving your customers’ perceptions, decision-making, actions and their experience with your brand. You’ll gain insight into what your audience needs to believe or experience with you to trust in what you stand for and feel good about your brand.

Knowing these things allows us to build a quiz and email experience that attracts your dream clients and makes them feel comfortable and empowered to choose you. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. You can read more about why and how I offer payment plans in the FAQs of my Process page.

Ready to grow your email list like never before?