How our VOC research helps copywriter Jackie Sunga’s client projects

Audience Research Case Study

“Melissa’s Audience Atlas adds that wow factor to your copy projects, before you even present your copy deliverables. It’s now non-negotiable part of my process.”

Jackie Sunga, Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

How the Audience Atlas helped Jackie Sunga save time and wow her clients

Saved at least 10 to 15
hours of her time per
client project

Increased efficiency
during the planning
and writing phases

Provided her client
with even more value


Jackie Sunga runs a boutique agency for multi-six-figure online course creators to help them boost course sales with strategy and sales copy. She also provides coaching services for service providers and coaches who want to grow to six figures without sacrificing their well-being.


  • Feeling drained and overworked from doing all the research while managing multiple
  • projects
  • Wanting to gain back her time to focus on clients’ brand voice and messaging
  • Needing a strategic data-driven copywriter who could work respectfully with sensitive issues


  • Outsourcing her clients’ voice of-customer research with the Audience Atlas
  • Having Melissa conduct the external and internal market research to free up her time
  • Hiring Melissa provided her with quality research and a researcher who has an audience-first approach


  • Saving at least 10 to 15 hours of her time per client project
  • Having more time to devote to her client’s brand voice and messaging
  • Providing more value to her clients, including sharing Melissa’s messaging recommendations

“Melissa is exactly the type of team member that you want . She knows what she’s doing, is confident in what she does, and has very good communication skills.

I know I can trust her to deliver a great service and handle interviews and situations with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.”

Jackie Sunga, Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter


Feeling drained and overworked from doing all the research herself while managing multiple projects.

Jackie Sunga was excited that her business was growing.

But the high-quality research phase that her premium services require was taking a toll.

“Research takes the most time. I was exhausted trying to do it all myself while managing multiple projects.

I knew I needed to get back more of my creative energy at the beginning of client projects .

I wanted to spend more of my time and brainpower thinking about my clients ’ brand voice and messaging , so I could truly capture the brand ’s voice, tone, vocabulary, and cadence before writing the sales page.”

Jackie realised she needed help to gain back her time and creative energy, or she would
burn out.

Yet, not just any researcher would do.

She needed a strategic data-driven copywriter who conducted respectful, thoughtful, and empathetic interviews.

“There are often sensitive issues to navigate because of who my clients serve.

So I need to have the right person on my team to work with my clients’ projects.”


The Audience Atlas — a voice-of-customer research service that provides meaningful, actionable insights and messaging.

Jackie decided to try the Audience Atlas because it addressed all of her pain points.

“I had a client project that I knew would require more of my time to explore the nuances of her brand voice.”

Melissa’s meticulous process and consistent communication reassured Jackie that she
was getting the information she needed.

“Having Melissa take care of the external and internal market research and voice-of customer findings allowed me time to really focus on understanding the client ’s product more deeply and capturing my client ’s brand voice .

As a result, I was able to add more nuance and intentionality to the client ’s actual deliverable.”

Jackie also realised that Melissa had the right level of empathy and sensitivity required
for her clients’ audiences.

“Melissa is this beautiful combination of strong emotional and interpersonal skills plus expertise.

She is so kind, attentive , and considers what the customer may feel during interviews . Her audience-first approach to the research process is a value we share.

She’s really like a partner and not someone I have to manage, which is exactly what you want in a dream team member.”


Jackie now had more of her time and creative energy back so she could focus on her client’s messaging, brand voice, and copy strategy.

Outsourcing her voice-of-customer research was a relief.

“The Audience Atlas saved me at least 10 to 15 hours of my time . I didn’t have to schedule or coordinate calls, transcribe interviews, comb through the information, or organise the research.

Of course I’d do my own research as well. The parts that I really needed to hand off were all done for me.

Plus, it was such an elevated experience. I got the raw data, transcripts, research documents, and messaging recommendations slide deck.

Also, the information was so well organised, which is a really important part of my brand values . I could find what I needed quickly, which made planning and writing and editing faster.”

Jackie and her client were also thrilled with the Audience Atlas’ insights and messaging

“I thought my research was organised. But Melissa really strengthened the research portion of the client project, taking it to a level of mastery. I knew this was the best voice-of-customer service that I could provide my client.

My client also was able to see how organised we were. She felt really safe and secure, which was fantastic.”

Melissa’s Audience Atlas allowed Jackie to:

  • Focus on one project at a time, so she wasn’t feeling pulled in too many directions
  • Have more energy and time at the start of projects
  • Devote more of her brainpower on the strategy and brand voice
  • Provide more value to her clients
  • Raise her rates to reflect this new level of service

As a bonus, Jackie discovered that the Audience Atlas helps her when she brings on
another writer or editor for client projects.

“Giving a writer or editor the Audience Atlas plus my strategic plan for the deliverables made creating an organised team onboarding process so much easier.”

Jackie is now working with Melissa on her fourth Audience Atlas and is excited to do
more projects with Melissa.

“I want people to know how amazing the Audience Atlas is , but I also want Melissa to keep working with me . The service takes so much off your plate, and Melissa provides it with so much care and love.”

Want thorough voice-of-customer research without the stress of doing it yourself?

Melissa Payne’s signature research process, The Atlas Framework, will provide the clarity, messaging, and insights you need to attract and convert your client’s audience.

ATLAS Framework process for voice-of-customer audience research

“The Audience Atlas is exactly what you need if you feel like you’re on the brink of burnout and don’t want to work tons of hours to gather high-quality research. It truly takes your services to the next level and makes your customers go ‘wow!’ each time.”

Jackie Sunga, Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

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