The Storyscout Process

& how we'll work together

Brand Voice Strategy & Quiz Copywriting Process

Are you ready to invest in a spell-binding brand voice or quiz for your business?

To create relationships based in trust to build your reputation, reach and revenue?

Good. Here’s how we do it.

terra incognita

1. Discovery Meeting

Are we a good fit? Let’s take some simple steps together to find out. 

If your project looks like a match, we’ll venture a little deeper with a short Zoom discovery meeting. I’ll ask questions to learn more about your business, your goals, your budget and the problem you’re eager to solve. 

What exactly will you receive?

Good vibes, a rush of relief that you finally have a strategist on your side, and some initial suggestions to help you on your way.

If I’m not a good fit for your project, I’ll let you know and happily guide you toward someone whose expertise fits your needs. I’m connected with a global network of copywriters and digital marketers, many of whom I highly recommend. 

setting off at first light

2. Planning

Crystal-clear on the goal and the path to get there? Once I have everything I need to know and clarity around the project’s scope, I’ll send through a quote and proposal.

Ready to proceed? Simply sign the proposal and contract. I’ll send through an invoice for your deposit and slot you in for my next availability.

We’ll schedule a Strategy & Story Call to kickstart the project.

What exactly will you receive?

  • A firm quote and a proposal that’s so spot on it’s like I’ve read your mind. 
  • A scheduled start date.
scouting mission

3. Research & Discovery

For a Brand Voice Cartography project, this looks like collecting samples of your speaking and written voice and delving into the values of your brand.

For an Obsession Oracle quiz project or Audience Atlas project, your custom research plan may include:

  • Interviews (with you, your leads or your customers) to unravel how your customer thinks and feels about the world and your brand
  • A custom survey to listen attentively to your customers’ needs and experiences, or validate your quiz topic
  • Competitor research to understand where you fit in your landscape — and how you can stand out
  • Message mining (social media and reviews) to deepen our understanding of your customers’ needs

You’ll be astounded at the clarity this gives you, with insights for every stage of your customer’s journey with you.

What exactly will you receive?

  • A custom research plan for your Obsession Oracle project, your Brand Voice Cartography project, or your Audience Atlas project.
crossing the distance

4. Strategy & Creation

I’ll map the strategy based on strategic insights from the research.

Here’s what you can expect on your end:

  • For an Obsession Oracle project, I’ll map out the quiz strategy, your quiz topic, your quiz questions and your quiz results. I’ll plan the welcome email sequence that will invite your new prospects into your community.
  • For a Brand Voice Cartography project, I’ll scientifically dissect and analyse everything that makes your brand voice sound uniquely like you.
  • For an Audience Atlas project, I’ll organise all the voice-of-customer data for you and craft your messaging strategy recommendations.
bringing it home

5. Editing

I’ll present your brand voice guide, your quiz or Audience Atlas to you via Loom and guide you through the research that underpins the strategic choices.

I’ll receive your feedback on the copy within 3 business days. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what feedback is most helpful. 

When you pay the final sum of the invoice, I’ll hand over the copy and copyright to you.


6. Debrief

At the end of our project together, we’ll have our Bonfire Chat.

This is a super helpful process for both of us! We’ll sit down together for a little brain yoga: to examine what went well and why, and brainstorm ideas for how we might improve results in future.

You’ll finish up with plenty of insights to enrich your next marketing project. Sharing these learnings is how we both keep growing and taking our work to more exciting places.

What exactly will you receive?

  • A debriefing session to extract as many valuable insights from our collaboration together as possible.

Grab a cup of tea — I’m here to answer any questions


What kinds of clients do you work with?

I only work with people who genuinely want the best for their audience, who market from a place of integrity, and who respect the fact that my expertise helps them achieve this.

If your business is creative, sustainable, for-good, LGBTQ2S+, woman, or minority-lead, we’ll likely vibe in terms of values. For-good may mean embracing eco-friendly business processes, standing up for social justice, or helping close the gap of inequity in our society.

How do I know if we’re the right fit?

If, like me, you believe that our true north as businesses is empathy, you value serving your customer well, and you can see the value of the research, then I’m the right brand voice and quiz strategist for you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. A staunch believer in equity and social justice, I make an effort to offer fair and affordable payment plans. You can opt to pay in 2, 3 or even 5 installments.

I want to support you. That’s why I actively avoid the predatory pricing norm of charging 25% or more to access a payment plan. Why? I personally do not believe it’s fair to punish people who cannot afford to pay a large sum upfront with higher costs.

However, as a woman entrepreneur, I am undercapitalised. That means I’m self-financing and bootstrapping my business expenses out of cash flow…so if you can afford to pay in full, I’d really appreciate it.

Your first payment is due upon contract signing to seal your spot on the calendar. The rest can be paid out 7 days before our project together ends.