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The quiz and email strategist who ‘listens deeply’.

Bored of woefully underperforming ‘lead magnets’ and emails that leave your audience scrambling to unsubscribe?

Let’s make your lead gen feel less like an exhausting guesswork struggle across the Alps. → And more like a nourishing ‘tea and hygge’ holiday where YOU get to rest up comfily.

… while your email list crackles alive with genuine, toasty-warm connection.

Read: You and your audience feel nourished because your messaging and lead gen strategy are in cozy alignment with your values AND infused with insightful research.

You’re in the right place if you want to…


Grow and nurture your email list with intention

with a fun, strategic, personality-driven quiz funnel that makes adoring your brand irresistible.


Speak up with clarity & conviction with a values-aligned voice

+ pinpoint what makes your value proposition gloriously unique.


Map out your messaging gaps and market opportunities

to strategise your next business move and tap into the bold conversations your pocket-of-people are ready to have right now.


Evergreen your sales

with thoughtful emails and launch strategy grounded in transparency and substance, not trickery and sleaze.

The good news: You don’t have to be manipulative, overbearing, obnoxious or omnipresent to create relationships, reputation, reach and revenue.

Together, we’ll coax to the surface what makes you and your offer unique.

And we’ll attract your ideal pocket-of-people with an enticing, interactive quiz and empathy-driven emails that earn trust and a warm invite into your subscribers’ inbox.

Choose your adventure

What tickles your fancy?

Conversion Copywriting

Evergreen your sales with connection and conversation in your inbox.

Quizzes, email strategy and audits to grow your relationships, revenue and reputation.


Find the missing glue in your messaging strategy and make smarter business decisions.

Market research to unlock customer and competitor insights. Grow your business with a clear strategy in place.

Psst! Looking for an adventure that isn’t on this menu?

I (quite often!) whip up brand voice guides, website and sales page copy. If you’re looking for conversion copy built on strategy, not crossed-fingers, and steeped in your brand’s personality, you can inquire about that here.

Quiz strategist for course creators and ecomm businesses

Oh hey! Melissa, here.

If you’re an online ecommerce business or course creator that cares about diversity, equity and inclusion, I’m your huckleberry. Tirelessly loyal to your cause.

My goal? To help you weave your very own anti-invisibility cloak, so you and your business can be found (and loved) online.

I help online business owners like you untangle the nuances of your messaging so you can speak with clarity and confidence.

I craft irresistible quizzes and emails for course creators and ecomm businesses ← that earn you kudos and customers, dinero and devotion.

And I partner with online businesses, copywriters and brand strategists to deliver practical and strategic research insights so you can create even better offers aligned with what your audience truly wants and needs.

I’m here to help you do your best work yet.

Your work matters. Let’s get you the attention you deserve.

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Working with Melissa is like watching a fairy godmother bippity-boppity-boo my raggedy dress and animal friends into a magic horse-drawn carriage and couture dress — but it lasts forever!

It genuinely felt like she was inside my brain sometimes. She could articulate my ideas so well I couldn’t remember if I had said them first or if she did. She could string together the disparate pieces of my brand story and brand voice to show how they were intrinsically linked. She could listen to me ramble about any topic, pull out the most golden threads and spin them into beautiful copy.

The depth of her research, the thoroughness of her strategy and the authenticity of her copy was like nothing I’ve experienced before. And I say this as a copywriter who’s worked with numerous copywriters before.

You’ll end the project looking for more work you can hire her for.”

Bree Weber, Conversion Copywriter

The Audience Atlas literally gives you back so much sleep. I remember how much sleep I didn’t get before Melissa, and now I don’t even worry about the first research phase of my projects.

Melissa’s messaging recommendations weren’t even something that I was doing for my clients.

And once my clients saw what she delivered, they were all like, “Oh my God, this is amazing. I didn’t expect this. I thought I was just getting a sales page.’ This allowed me to provide an even more elevated experience for my clients.

Melissa knows what she’s doing, is confident in what she does, and has very good communication skills. I know I can trust her to deliver a great service and handle interviews and situations with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Jackie Sunga, Launch Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

“Melissa is SUCH a gifted storyteller.

Pair that talent with her deep knowledge of conversion copy based on solid research and you have yourself a creature as mythical as a mermaid. Her quizzes are psychology driven, well thought out, and demonstrate a strong level of empathy for whatever audience she’s writing for.

I highly recommend working with Melissa on your next project if you’re looking for quiz copy or support from someone who eats the status quo for breakfast and prioritizes research, results, and impeccable quality.

Chanti Zak, Quiz Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

“Melissa has a knack for nailing your vision AND your voice.

The copy that she writes sounds like you and is perfectly aligned with your brand values.

Plus, she’s an absolute professional to work with. Her commitment to timelines and her flexibility will quickly make her a valuable part of your team. Just like it has for us!”

Prerna and Mayank Malik, Conversion Copywriting Duo at Content Bistro

Melissa is the exact blend of nerd you want working on your brand voice.

Her process combines math, art, science, and deep, deep research – and she packages it into a guide that’s easy to implement. Top it off with the user-friendly design she created, and it’s a damn near perfect tool for any business.

I’m really impressed by her work.

Justin Blackman, Brand Voice Expert

Psst… I’m trained by the very best

Melissa Payne's quiz certification badge from Chanti Zak

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