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I want to grow my business with conversion copy.”


“I want a lead magnet that attract leads and make them fall in love.”

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“I want an email sequence to grow my relationships, revenue and reputation.”

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“Help! I want to get my copy and strategy dialed in, lickety-split.”

“Working with Melissa is nothing like working with a typical copywriter — in the best way!

The depth of her research, the thoroughness of her strategy and the authenticity of her copy was like nothing I’ve experienced before. And I say this as a copywriter who’s worked with numerous copywriters before.

Her entire process moved seamlessly because it was designed to be effortless for me. You’ll end the project looking for more work you can hire her for.

Bree Weber, Conversion Copywriter

“Melissa is equal parts kind, smart and super professional.

Besides her obviously excellent writing skills, her compassion and her heart for service are incredible.”

— Prerna and Mayank Malik, Content Bistro

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